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Blog Standards and Ethics

The core purpose of the Downtown Development Authority Communications Subcommittee is to create, collect, and distribute high-quality information. Producing content of the highest quality and integrity is the basis for our reputation and the means by which we fulfill the public trust and assist the DDA in achieving its goals. 

Truth and Integrity 
We recognize that the reputation of the DDA rests on its perception in the community. Our task is to make sure that the integrity of the DDA and its board members is not compromised during our communications. We recognize that this goal is achieved through an unwavering commitment to publishing the truth. It is imperative that the communications subcommittee maintain the highest possible standards to insure that we do nothing that might erode residents faith and confidence in the DDA. 

Building a community is a collaborative effort. We believe that what the DDA can accomplish in New Buffalo is as limitless as the hopes and dreams of its residents. Our goal is twofold, to hear the concerns, suggestions, and comments of residents and visitors alike, so that their voices can help dictate DDA strategy, initiatives, and decision-making. The second objective is to give these same folks an outlet to get involved. To spur them on to volunteer in their community, to help the DDA build a better and more prosperous New Buffalo. 

We believe that dialogue is positive. We reject negativity and refuse to let it bog down the work being done by the DDA, the city council, and everyone who lives and works in New Buffalo. We want to make sure that every one of our communications reflect this belief. We believe that criticism is inevitable, and even necessary to help build sustainable communities. We pledge to respond to criticism with positive language and receptive attitude; seeking to understand and relay these concerns to the DDA board, in hopes that they can be addressed and alleviated

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